The purchase of used cars is very common in Mexico

The purchase of used cars is very common in Mexico, but you must to be very careful because there are people who are dedicated to buying and selling used cars and some of them do not have very good intentions.

The first recommendation is to buy the used car with the owner of the car, and better if the car has only gone through a single owner. If the car had several owners it could means that the car has some fault that at first sight can not be see.

The second but not least recommendation is to review all the documentation of the car:

-Verify that the serial number of the chassis, engine serial number, brand and line matches the invoice data.
-Verify that the invoice contains the endorsements and signatures of the previous owners. In case the person is not the first owner.
-Verify that the car is up to date with the tenures.
– The current card of ciurculation

The third recommendation is to check the conditions of the car, before buying it, take it with a trusted mechanic and check that the corresponding maintenance has been done, believe me this can save you from buying problems.

If you want to be more sure that the car has no outstanding fines you can check it online, you should have the license plate number and serial number of the car, if the vehicle is from the state of Yucatan you can check it in the following link :…/WService=w…/solpaginfra.r

In Mexico it is very common to pay in cash a purchase of a used car, be careful of where you do it and better if you are accompanied.

If you need more information or need help with the purchase of a car do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to help you.

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